Michael was a pleasure to work with, both professionally and personally.  His contributions to the project were integral to the achievements of our goals and success.  His  experience and credentials speak for themselves and allow Michael to  work in any healthcare setting, in multiple roles. He is solution-focused and takes initiative, always providing valuable insight into solving any issues that may arise and routinely over delivers to the client.  Additionally, he was very well-liked by his team members and the client due to his personable nature and eager, upbeat attitude.  Michael is a self-starter who is not afraid to take on a challenge, and also does not hesitate to provide insightful input or suggest changes on how to approach a problem.  Michael is a top quality advisor who I would highly recommend to any company.

Steven Bisciello MBA, CMPE, Director at EisnerAmper, Health Care Services

After working with Mike for almost 20 years I can safely say he is the complete sales, technical knowledge, and leadership package. He continues to invest in learning and staying up with the many changes in the healthcare space, enabling his clients to stay one step ahead of the changes or come up to code. Among his top attributes is an ability to listen and not only be open to other ideas, but to adopt them if they are an improvement.

Mike is considered an expert in the field and is continually called upon to teach and run seminars to help others, and is also continually called on to rescue troubled healthcare systems and practices. His teams love working with him because he functions as their protective umbrella inside their organizations, and represents them to management with integrity. Do not pass up the opportunity to work with Mike if the opportunity presents itself because you’ll attach yourself to a successful project.

Scott Messer, CEO at Sales Evolution LLC

Anyone playing in the medical sandbox has to follow Michael McLafferty; he condenses hundreds of pages into a paragraph or two.

Roberto Camacho, Vice President, Healthcare Lending at Lakeland Bank

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Michael McLafferty for many years. His overall depth of knowledge in the healthcare industry is unprecedented. His ability to formulate solutions and customize recommendations to each project makes him an asset to all his clients. He’s always current on new legislations as well as industry trends and brings a thoughtful approach to every situation.

His recent experience as CEO of a large physician-based organization as well as a Partner in Charge of the Healthcare Services Department of a large accounting/consulting firm make him an expert in the healthcare field. His ongoing relationship with other industry experts and healthcare executives across the country contributes to his continued success.

Melissa Pizor, COC, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CPRC, Chief Executive Officer at M&R Consulting