Operations Review and Assistance

  • Process improvement of key workflows – Review key financial and operational workflows. Determine opportunities for improvement. Revise key workflows to improve cash flow and improve efficiencies.
  • Internal control review – Review current workflow of cash receipts and expenditures. Suggest internal controls improvements for current cash workflows.
  • Policy and procedure manual review – Review current policy and procedure manual. Suggest updates based on current and/or revised workflows.
  • Practice management software review – Review the operational and reporting capabilities of the practice management software. Develop a practice management software needs list with management. Compare reports available to the needs of the organization and capabilities available from the manufacturer. Suggest any reporting capabilities and/or enhancements that can be utilized.
  • Interim management–Assist management withvarious managerial positions in your organization. These roles typically include CEO, Administrator, COO, CFO, and general management positions. The goal for this interim period is to help stabilize the organization financially, identify improvement opportunities and assist in recruiting an employee for the position.
  • Recruiting–Assist management to develop a job description, salary and benefits for an open or new position. List the open position with various professional organizations and the internet. Review resumes from prospective candidates and recommend the top 2 or 3 candidates for management to make a final decision.